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Not all Christmas time giftbringers were men or old women. The Germans have the gentle, beautiful goddess Frau Holda who descended to earth in midwinter with her gifts of good fortune and health.

Frau Holda visits the villages at Christmas time in a carriage full of presents. When the villagers hear her coming, they come out of their Home Pages to pay respects to this beautiful stately lady, dressed in white, her long golden hair falling on her white goose down cape.

She often rewards the kind people by shaking her feather cape and the feathers that fall turn to gold coins at their feet.

On one occasion it is told, she broke the shaft on her carriage going over rough ground. A local villager came to her rescue. He whittled an old piece of wood to match the broken shaft. He had worked all night in the barn and by dawn the carriage was repaired. After thanking the man, Frau Holda was on her way. When the man returned to his barn where he had worked the night before; instead of chips of wood on the floor, there lay a pile of gold coins.

Frau Holda’s feather cape was not an ordinary cloak. It was made of down ~ 1 feathers from her flock of white geese. When cold weather began she would drive her white geese through the villages where their feathers spread a mantle of white over tender crops to keep them warm against the early frost.

Today when the first soft snow of winter falls in the mountain area of Germany, the people say that Frau Holda is shaking her feather bed.
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