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There are many facets of folklore evident in telling the story of Sir Christmas. He was essentially an English figure whose lineage can be traced through years of changes in Christmas legends and celebrations back to early pre - Christian times.

In early times he was not a Christian religious figure, such as St. Nicholas, but he symbolized the arrival of the secular pleasures associated with the Christmas season.

The Protestant Reformation raised several problems for St. Nicholas, patron saint of Christmas. In 1647 it became improper to celebrate anything having to do with Catholic saints and observances of Christmas festivities were forbidden by government order. This edict was revoked in 1660 and Christmas was restored

as a celebration for the common people; however, royalty’s excesses were to be curtailed.

At this time, Sir Christmas became Christianized and in the process picked up many refinement. He changed his garb to meet the changing styles of clothing.

His task was not to bring gifts, but to visit Home Pages of rich and poor alike, and to sit awhile by the hearth. His visits were always welcome.

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