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The Christmas gift bringers of Norway and Denmark are household elves, or gnomes, called the Julenisser. In Sweden they are called the Jultomtes. The name ‘Nisse’ may have come from ‘Nicls’ or ‘Niclsen’, a Scandinavian rendering of the German name ‘Nicolaus’ or ‘Niclas’. 

The Julenisse has been part of Danish folklore and legend for many centuries. The belief in these small people stems from pagan times when spirits were said to come out during the winter solstice. The ghostly procession was headed by the winter god Odin and accompanied by the small ancestors of the Nisser. Nowadays, however, the Nisser are associated entirely with Christmas. 

Only a foot high, the Julenisse has the face of an old man, with white hair and a long white beard. With his pointed red cap, he can be easily spotted in the snow. 

During the year Julenisser live in attics and stables, attaching themselves to a particular family and caring for their stable and cattle. They are particularly kind to household pets, which is why the Julenisse is often pictured with a cat on Danish Christmas cards. They are also good to children, although they are careful never to be seen. 

The Julenisser like to be helpful around the farm and take special care of the hearth, where they sometimes like to sleep. As long as the family is good to them, they will continue to help; but if they are in any way mistreated, they can sometimes play spiteful and mischievous pranks. 

On Christmas Eve a bowl of porridge is ceremoniously set out for the Julenisser. After everyone has gone to bed they emerge with a large sack to hide present. all around the house. One of the presents is certain to be a Julklapp. This is a large package which, when opened, is found to contain another package inside. This second, smaller package is addressed to a different member of the family. The next person opens it, only to find that it is really meant for yet another member of the family. The package gets smaller and smaller, until the true recipient is left with a very small package. The Julklapp gift is always a surprise.

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