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A regal figure who embodies the spirit of Christmas generosity is Good King Wenceslas, who lived between 907 and 929 A.D. Although mainly known from the famous Christmas carol that bears his name and which was only written in the last century, Wenceslas actually was a real king of Bohemia in Czechoslovakia. At a very early age, under the influence of his grandmother, Wenceslas became a Christian. This infuriated his mother and his brother, Boleslav; however, Wenceslas kept true to his new faith and even taught himself to read and write. At the age of eighteen he became king of Bohemia. He cared for his people, saw that the children were well educated, and that the army was properly trained and equipped. The story of how he had his page, Podiven, helped the poor peasants at Christmas is typical of him. Another story tells of how he would go into the forests under cover of darkness to chop down kindling wood for the peasants. When those in charge of the forests told the young king that the wood was mysteriously disappearing, Wenceslas told them to try to catch the thief and punish him but not to take the wood away from him. A little later, Wenceslas, in disguise, was caught stealing the wood and was punished. He was allowed to keep the wood however, and later delivered it to the poor. He was well known for his generosity and kindness.

Only part of his country was Christian, however and many noblemen could not accept this new religion and Boleslav wanted to be king, so they decided to assassinate Wenceslas. Boleslav pretendel to show interest in becoming a Christian and invited Wenceslas to join him at Mass. This delighted Wenceslas and so taking his page Podiven, they went unarmed to the church. Bolesla v and the nobles set upon him while he was still on his way and Wenceslas died at the church door, asking Godís mercy on his brother. He was only 22 years old.

For this,and his other acts of kindness, Wenceslas was canonized and became the patron saint of Bohemia. Today a statue of him stands in Wenceslas Square, in Prague, the capital city of Czechoslovakia, to honor this king who was truly good.
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