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Duncan Royale The Greatest Gift…LOVE

Love is greater than anything man can say or possess. God showed His love to the world by giving His Son! Duncan Royale captures the spirit of LOVE in its collection, Greatest Gift…LOVE. Marble, the medium of masters is used to enhance the unique beauty of each figurine.

The life of Jesus Christ is chronicled in the “Annunciation”, the “Nativity”, and the “Passion”. These depictions of LOVE will endure forever in your heart and home. Make this collection of “Agape-Love” part of your life! Share this unique collection with those you LOVE!


Duncan Royale Nativity

Item Sku: 12NATIVITY
The Nativity portrays human LOVE, that special bond between mother and child. In this case Mary and the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Yet this is also a story of the very special LOVE between Joseph and his family. Joseph, the carpenter, humble, faithful, and now the protector, guide, and tutor of the Son of God. Mary, the young maiden chosen by God to be the mother of His Son, yet still in need of the LOVE and protection of Joseph.

The LOVE that grows between Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus is strengthened by God’s love and their love for Him. This LOVE is seen on their faces and proclaims peace on earth to man!

The Nativity is a time of great joy, for it is the birth of hope, truth, and LOVE in the form of the baby Jesus. This is God’s gift of LOVE to the world!
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