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Melody in Motion
The “Willie” Collection

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The “star” of the Melody in Motion line is Willie, a hobo with a free spirit.
Melody in Motion pieces require “AA” or “AAA” batteries, unless otherwise noted. Batteries not included.


Clockpost Yachtsman Willie Sale
Item Sku: 07276

Clockpost Yachtsman Willie

Plays hourly. Plays "Plein Soleil", which is the name of a movie based on the book by "The Talented Mr. Ripley".
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Movement: Head
H15 3/8" W 5 3/8" D 6 3/8"
Introduced in 2007
Ballpark Willie Sale
Item Sku: 07257

Ballpark Willie

Plays-"Take Me Out To The Ball Game" Movement: Upper Body and Grill
Introduced In 2002
Sold Out Sold Out

Fireman Willie Item Sku: 07252

Fireman Willie

Plays-"Chariots Of Fire" Movement: Bar with Two Dogs and Blinking Light
H 9 1/2" W 9" D 6"
Introduced In 2001

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Willie On Parade/Trombone Sale
Item Sku: 07215

Willie On Parade/Trombone

Plays-"76 Trombone" Movement: Upper Body and Foot
H 12 7/8" W 5 1/4" D 8"
Introduced In 1997
Sold Out Sold Out

Willie On Parade/Trumpet Sale
Item Sku: 07212

Willie On Parade/Trumpet

Plays-"Washington Post March" Movement: Upper Body and Foot
H 12 7/8" W 5 1/4" D 8"
Introduced In 1997
Willie The Champion Sale
Item Sku: 07209

Willie The Champion

Plays-"The Name of the Game" Movement: Head
H 10 1/2" W 6 5/8" D 5 1/4"
Introduced In 1996
Sold Out Sold Out

Gaslight Willie Item Sku: 07197

Gaslight Willie

Plays-"Beer Barrel Polka" Movement: Head and Light Blinks
H 13 1/4" W 6 3/8" D 5 1/4"
Introduced In 1995
Willie The Racer Sale
Item Sku: 07206

Willie The Racer

Plays-"Zip A Dee Doo Da" Movement: Head
H 10" W 5 1/4" D 10 1/2"
Introduced In 1996
Sold Out Sold Out

Clarinet Willie Item Sku: 07270-1

Clarinet Willie

Plays-"The Entertainer" Movement: Upper Body
H 9 1/2"
Introduced In 2004
Sold Out
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