Steinbach Nutcrackers

Karolin Steinbach Signing Event
At Christmas Treasures
Blue River, OR

September 27, 2010

On September 27, 2010 Christmas Treasures had the pleasure of hosting a Karolin Steinbach signing event at our store in Blue River, OR. Dipl.-Ing. Karolin Steinbach (Christian Steinbach’s granddaughter) is the general manager of Steinbach GMBH, and she is also a new mother. She signed several nutcrackers at customers’ request, and she also graciously signed well over a hundred nutcrackers for Christmas Treasures. All of us at Christmas Treasures certainly appreciated Karolin taking the time from her busy life to spend the afternoon with us, and we look forward to another visit from Karolin sometime in the future!

Karolin Steinbach poses with Patrick and Nancy, owners of Christmas Treasures in our store in Blue River, Oregon. 9/27/10

Karolin Steinbach signing a nutcracker for a customer. 9/27/10

Karolin takes a break from signing to show us her endearing smile. 9/27/10

Back to signing nutcrackers! 9/27/10

Karolin Steinbach poses in Christmas Treasures with Nutcracker Prince (S853) after signing the nutcracker base for a customer: “All the Best!” 9/27/10

Karolin and the Chubby Pumpkin Grower (S1373) in Christmas Treasures store. 9/27/10
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