Steinbach Nutcrackers

Christmas Cheer Santa Nutcracker

Item Sku: S1923

Introduced 2012, Hand Made in Germany
Santa has had a hard day delivering all the presents around the world and has stopped to do a little celebrating. Whether the spirits are strong or weak at your house doesn't matter to him. He just wants to enjoy a quiet moment with you and your loved ones. Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces. 7th in the Christmas Traditions Series.
Available Unsigned, or Hand Signed by Karla Steinbach

S1923 - $399.00 Unsigned


S1923SK - $429.00 Signed by Karla

Steinbach Volkskunst from Marienberg in Germany.
For over 200 years we have maintained long-standing tradition, passion for detail, creativity and finest materials in our world-famous nutcrackers.

The history of the Steinbach Nutcracker family starts in 1284 with Erwin Steinbach, a famous architect and master builder who lived in Strasburg, Germany. As this was a tumultuous time in Germany, the Steinbach family was forced to move many times and eventually settled in Erzgebirge, Germany and worked as silver, iron, tin and nickel miners.

As the supply of metal to be mined dried up, the Steinbach family had to turn to their other skills to make a living. Most of them had previously worked as wood-carvers, so it only made sense for them to return to carving to create practical use items.

As time went on they began to master the art of ornamental carving and the women began to hand-paint these decorative creations. Today the Steinbach family stills hand-carves and hand-paints these beautiful nutcracker creations from their own forest from wood cut in their own sawmill.

Steinbach's high standards and resourcefulness are what have helped make our Nutcrackers world famous. The subjects of the Steinbach Nutcrackers are also unique and are taken from art, literature and folklore from all over the world and along with their limited production makes them highly collectible.

Today, Rico Paul is the owner of the Steinbach Company, which is still located in Erzgebirge, Germany. When he is not traveling the world participating in promotion events, Rico works as the CEO for the beautiful Nutcrackers Steinbach offers.

We are proud to offer these beautiful hand-carved and hand-painted creations that will certainly become a cherished holiday decoration for many years to come whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one.