Steinbach Nutcrackers

Steinbach Nutcracker Factories

Our Main-Factory

Our Main-Factory at Hohenhameln (formerly West) on the foot of Harz Mountains
Plant II at Marienberg

Plant II at Marienberg in the heart of Ore-Mountains
Plant I Hohenhameln

Plant I Hohenhameln, The Main Factory
Clauener Str. 22
D-31249 Hohenhameln
Plant II Marienberg/Gebirge

Plant II Marienberg/Gebirge
In the Ore Mountains
Hauptstr. 15
D-09496 Marienberg, OT. Gebirge
You're invited!

We invite you from the bottom of our hearts to visit our country Germany! Regardless of whether you wish to relive old memories anew, or to trace the roots of your family origins, or simply to get to know us better, you'll be glad you made the trip.

Our factory (Werk I) in Lower Saxony is easy to find in the flat-land region known as Sugar Beet Country. Our Second factory (Werk II) in Marienberg, is situated in the Middle Ore Mountain District, and once there you only have to ask for the section of town known as Gebirge. But no matter when of where you visit us, you will always be greeted with a heartfelt welcome and will receive an authentic strong German coffee free of charge. Collectors from around the world - We extend to you all a warm welcome!
Jubilee-King Christian Steinbach with Daughter Karla Steinbach
Jubilee-King Christian Steinbach with Daughter Karla Steinbach
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