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Steinbach Alpine Farmer Smoker

Steinbach Alpine Farmer Smoker Item Sku: S805

Steinbach Alpine Farmer Smoker

Hand Made in West Germany
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Collector’s Story of Alpine Farmer
Collector’s Story No. 34 The Alpine Meadow-Keeper
“Oh, what a pleasure it is to be on the mountain top, where the sun shines first of all and most of all.” It follows then that the Alpine cow herds and dairy maids can hardly wait for the “Almauftrieb” to begin in spring. This is when the cattle are driven up to the pastures. It is always a big event in the European Alpine villages and in Scandinavia. Festively adorned with a big bell around their neck, the cattle trot out of the private stables to the different sounds of the cow-bells on the narrow path up to the pasture which is usually owned by the co-operative. It lies above the timber line at around 1600 metres. A moist, cool climate favours dairy farming on the pastures. As there are no reaping machines up there, the cow-herd must now and again make use of the good old scythe. And what about the dairy maid? Well, she makes the butter, cheese and curd, of course, just as Adam and his Eve in the garden of Ede. ---Need I say more!


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