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How to Use a Smoker Incense Burner

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How to Use a Smoker Incense Burner

A smoker must be supervised at all times. Never leave it alone while it is in use.

To Start Your Smoker:

1. Place your smoker in a safe place where it cannot be reached by children or pets. Keep lit smokers away from any flammable materials.

2. Remove the upper part of Smoker by lifting and then set aside.

3. Place the incense onto the metal disc fixed upon the smoker's socket, on the inside of the smoker.

4. Light the tip of the incense until the tip is glowing and smoking. When the incense is lit, there should NOT be a flame, only a glowing tip.

5. Finally place the smoker's upper part back on the socket. Now your smoker should start smoking!

Never move the smoker while the incense inside is still glowing.


For best results, be sure no facial hair sticks in the smoker's mouth.

To Empty Your Smoker :
Make sure the incense fire has completely died down. Wait at least 10 minutes after the smoke has stopped leaking from the smoker.

Then, empty the smoker's incense residue onto a fire-proof base or fire-proof bin. NEVER PUT THE INCENSE RESIDUE INTO YOUR HOUSEHOLD WASTE BIN, AS IT MAY CATCH ON FIRE.

Care Instructions:
Keep your smoker and incense in a dry, temperature-resistant environment.

Avoid exposing the smoker or the incense to damp climate.

We and our manufacturers assume no liability for damages caused by improper use or nonobservance of our operating instructions.
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